How to Drive Your Man Crazy

Your man works hard, so many days he comes home stressed and exhausted. Caring for his physical needs is a gift that will help him to relax after a long, trying day. He will appreciate that you care about his needs and this is bound to bring the two of you closer. 

But who are we kidding?  Do we want to drive our men crazy for his own pleasure or for ours? If we’re honest, it’s so about us. 

Not only do we reap the rewards of getting mind blowing sex; but we get a sense of control and power over him which is intoxicating to  us (and probably for him too!)  

While this evil strategy ultimately works for us, we guarantee that your guy will be completely exhilarated by being on the receiving end of this plot. 

Let’s start by debunking all of the skewed perceptions you have about yourself.  You may believe you have to be a vixen to mesmerize him. This assumption is absolutely wrong. 

Regardless of your size and shape or insecurities (which we all have), you possess something unique that trounces appearances, you have feminine wiles and you know how to, or you can learn to use them. 

And you underestimate the most sacred goods you possess- a tight, wet, warm pussy. You may have noticed that men like them!

What I’m getting at is that your skills, coupled with that irresistible place between your legs,are irresistable, way outweighing what you think are your physical flaws.

Your pussy and feminine wiles are enough to get into his head, which is where you want to be.  

The brain is the most important sex organ of all. Get into his head, and he’ll be defenseless to your siren’s song. 

If you want to work your man into a frenzy, follow our lead.

Start Slow

You want to launch your strategy early in the day. Don’t wait until your man gets home, tired from work. You want him to come home with a burning desire to be with you. Start early and go slowly.

Start with a slow burn and amp things up at a steady pace.   

Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm for your strategy is key.  Letting your man know you are anxiously anticipating being together  is a huge turn on. Guys want to feel desired just as much as we do. . 

Start by sending flirty texts, letting him know you can’t wait until the moment you’re together.  Build up the anticipation, starting with sweet, tame texts that become increasingly naughty. Send him a sexy selfie to remind him what he’ll be getting later that night.

Set the Stage 

You may think that we women are more romantic than men, but don’t assume that ambience doesn’t matter to guys. Set the stage for intimacy with some sensual music, mood lighting, and scented candles. Finally, make sure you smell delicious! 

Relax Him

Go slow. Pour him a glass of wine.  Brush up against him sensually..Snuggle on the couch. Nuzzle his neck. Massage his back. Rub his feet. Place loving kisses on his chest and work down to his happy trail. Take your time and drag it out. Tell him how much you care in faint whispers.

Sharing a warm, relaxing  bath or playing under a steamy shower is a fun way t for both of you to relax.  If you really want to spoil him have him lay back in the tub. 

Insist he close his eyes and wash his whole body, start with his least sensitive areas and progress to the areas that will build his desire, making sure not to miss his most sensitive areas. 

Tease him 

Don’t make things too easy for him. Coyly postponing intimacy will raise both of your excitement. 

Saunter around in your sexiest neglige and refuse to let him touch you. Brush against him, then give him a look saying, “You can’t have this”. 

Toy with him. Be irresistible but unobtainable (at least for a while!)

Be Confident

Self-confidence is a huge turn on to guys. In contrast, insecurity in the bedroom can be a mood killer. 

If you aren’t feeling particularly confident or have self-doubt, fake it til you make it. We all have our insecurities. It’s normal; but the more you act sure of yourself, the more confident you’ll become. 

When you see his positive response, your confidence will grow. He will never know you are quivering inside with feelings of inadequacy!  Keep it your little secret. 

Another thing that can boost your confidence is adding to your repertoire of knowledge and skill. As they say, practice makes perfect. He won’t mind being your guinea pig! 

Read up tricks of the trade and then try them out with gusto. Pretend like you invented those moves.

The rest of the night can be as crazy or sensual as the both of you would like. Your only limitation is your imagination and ensuring your guy is up to following your lead. 

Take Control

For a guy who usually initiates, taking a break from that role can be exciting. Some men fantasize about being overtaken by a woman.

With you leading the process and controlling the pace, he’s not really sure where you’re headed. Your mysterious plan will heighten his desire. 

Don’t forget to be irresistible. Wear something sexy and feminine. Smell delicious. Act sensually. Talk in whispers. Evade his eye contact, instead making furtive sultry glances. Smile a lot. 

Be Spontaneous

Do you normally make love in the bedroom? Consider breaking out of your usual routine. The usual routine in your sex life may feel comforting,  but it doesn’t create excitement and passion. 

Men like to have fun. Your creativity and spontaneity will add to the fun, making the experience a real adventure.

Think of some exciting places where you can spice things up.  Here are some of our favorite spots:

In a pool or on a little traveled beach 

Parking the car in a remote area and going to town in the backseat. 

Under the stars in a blanket in a deserted meadow 

Hiking off the beaten path in the woods 

We’ve shared our best suggestions for driving your man crazy and building him up to give you amazing sex. Now it’s your turn to use your own imagination and feminine power to put things into action. 


The 5 Best G-Spot Vibrators Reviewed – [2019]

The G-spot is “said” to exist on the front wall of vagina, about two to three inches in. The reason why people say it’s “said” to exist there is because some people don’t believe it does. However, from my own experience, and from my talks with girlfriends, I’ve come up with my own opinion on this. It does exist for every woman, it just may not be as sensitive to pressure or vibration stimulation in every woman.

To find your G-spot, first take your fingers, insert them about two to three inches into the vagina, and curl your fingers up toward your belly button. You may have to feel around, but the G-spot will have a slightly different feel to it than the surrounding areas. It should feel spongey and smooth. When not aroused, this area can be somewhat small, but it expands as you become aroused, so it’s important to build slowly if you are trying to head for a G-spot orgasm.

There are three main features you want to look for when deciding on the best G-spot vibrator for you. One, it should have a decent curvature to it so that it is easier for you to make it reach the proper spot. A well-designed G-spot vibrator should not require much effort on your part to make it hit that spot as long as you have done some exploring and you already know where it is. Two, it should be made of silicone. Silicone vibrators are more sanitary because the surface is nonporous and is easy to clean. Three, you want something with variable speeds. This allows you to change the speeds or patterns depending on your mood.

Now, let’s look at three of my favorite G-spot vibrators…

Lelo Gigi 2

The Lelo Gigi 2 is one of the best G-spot vibrators for several reasons. It does have that great curvature design that is so important when looking for a G-spot vibrator. It is also perfectly sized for most women at less than 4” long with a girth that is neither too big nor too small. This vibe is easily used for internal or external stimulation which makes it great as a couples toy.

The 1-year warranty allows full replacement if anything happens to it within the first twelve months. The 10-year quality guarantee covers the device for 10-years provided the warranty is not void. You can get up to half off a toy that Lelo offers on their website up to the cost of the toy that broke.

There are many features that make the Lelo Gigi 2 a G-spot vibe you should consider:

  • There are 8 vibration modes with variable speeds so you can always change things up in the bedroom
  • The 3.7” long design is perfectly sized for most women and the curvature reaches the G-spot perfectly
  • The silicone is soft to the touch and makes the vibrator easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Fully submersible so you can take the fun to the shower or bath
  • The vibe is very quiet while in use
  • The internal battery is rechargeable which saves on the long-term costs of replacing batteries in other toys
  • You can use the toy while it is plugged into the wall if it is still charging when you want to use it
  • Travel lock function – hold down the + and – buttons to toggle travel lock on or off


Lelo Mona Wave

The Lelo Mona Wave is a great G-spot vibrator because it offers the curvature you need to reach the G-spot easily. Plus, it vibrates. And, it thrusts. There are not many toys that offer all three of these design features. The Mona Wave has a wider girth to it than the Gigi 2 but with the thrusting feature it may be just what you are looking for. This is especially true if you are no stranger to G-spot stimulation. It is also slightly longer at just over 4”. Because of the thrusting motions, this G-spot vibrator may not be the best for versatility as it is mostly designed for internal stimulation.

However, there are many great features of this G-spot vibrators that make it one of the best available:

  • Great, curved design that makes reaching your G-spot easy
  • The vibrations give strong intensity with low frequency
  • The vibrator is 4.3” long
  • The entire toy is made of body-safe silicone that makes sanitary cleanup a breeze
  • Take it to the tub or shower without a care with a fully submersible vibrator
  • You can use the vibrator while it is charging, plugged into the wall
  • Charges quickly
  • 10 vibration modes and variable speeds allow you to get into the mood as quickly or slowly as you’d like
  • Same 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee as the Lelo Gigi 2


Swanvibes Swan Wand

The Swanvibes Swan Wand is unique as you can use either end. One end is of medium size and the other is quite a bit larger. Being able to switch from one end to the other is beneficial when you want to change things up depending on your mood. Each end is independently motorized so that the vibrations are strong no matter which end you use. This vibe is highly versatile as you can use either end of it either internally or for external stimulation.

Let’s look at some of the other great features of the Swanvibes Swan Wand G-spot vibrator:

  • Gently curved design that allows you to reach that spot easily
  • The larger end offers generous girth for extreme internal stimulation
  • Use internally or externally, this makes the toy perfect for couples


OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle

This rechargeable G-spot vibrator is perfect for those just trying out G-spot stimulation. This is especially great for those who haven’t experimented much with vibrators used internally at all. It has less intense vibrations that have multiple speed and pattern mode settings. It is slightly smaller than the Swan Wand.


Fun Factory’s Patchy Paul

This toy is not as firm as the other toys on this list. It bends slightly so that there is not as intense of pressure felt on the G-spot. You can program the Patchy Paul for various levels of vibration or patterns depending on your mood. The handle is actually a loop so it’s easy to hold onto for vigorous thrusting – if you’re into that – or it just makes it easy to hold onto if things get a little wet. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The 3 Best G-spot Vibrators Reviewed For 2019

There are three main features you should consider deciding on the best G-spot vibrator for you. One, it should have a decent curvature in order to reach the proper spot without a lot of wrist gymnastics.

A well-designed G-spot vibrator should not require much effort on your part to make it hit that spot as long as you have done some exploring and you already know where it is.

Two, it should be made of silicone. Silicone vibrators are more sanitary because the surface is nonporous and is easy to clean.

Three, you want something with variable speeds because it allows you to change the speeds or rhythms based on what your mood and preferred sensation is at any given time.

  1. Lelo Gigi 2
  2. Lovelife Cuddle G-spot Rechargeable Vibrator
  3. Tiger G5 Vibrator
  4. Callie Wand Vibrator (Honorable Mention)

Now, let’s look at three of my favorite G-spot vibrators. Need help finding your G-Spot? Click here.

#1 Lelo Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator Review


The Lelo Gigi 2 easily claims one of the top spots on the who’s who of G-spot vibrators. For one, it has that pronounced curved design that is crucial for G-spot stimulation; and, at less than 4” long and with a girth that provides a snug fit, it is capable of all satisfying all women.

This vibe provides the perfect combination of size, vibration, and quality.  The user can enjoy the pleasure of exploring and finding her own magic spot.  The Lelo can be easily used for internal or external stimulation, making it great as a couples toy as well.

The 1-year warranty allows full replacement if anything goes awry within the first twelve months. The 10-year quality guarantee covers the device for 10-years, provided the warranty is not void. You can get up to half off a toy that Lelo offers on their website up to the cost of the toy that broke.

Features of the Lelo Gigi 2:[checklist]

  • Never get bored.  8 vibration modes with variable speeds allow you to always change things up in the bedroom.
  • Enjoy the right fit. The 3.7” long design is perfectly sized for most women and the curvature reaches the G-spot perfectly.
  • Soft and clean. Its silicon body is soft to the touch and is easily to clean.
  • Fully submersible so you can take the fun to the shower or bath.
  • Be discreet.  This vibe is quiet.
  • The internal battery is rechargeable which saves on the long-term costs of replacing batteries.
  • Be free from cords.  The Lelo is rechargeable, so no cords needed; HOWEVER, if you feel a sense of urgency, you can still use it while it’s charging.
  • Travel-lock function.[/checklist]


#2 Lovelife Cuddle G-Spot Vibrator Review


The Lovelife Cuddle boasts the same great curved design shared by the Lelo Gigi 2.  In addition to it’s curved design and vibrating movement, this toy offers a thrusting motion.  The combination of these three features in one toy is a rare find.

At 1.5 inches across,  the Lovelife Cuddle is a hair wider than the Gigi 2.  It is also longer at just over 6”.  Because of the thrusting motions, this G-spot vibrator may not be the best for versatility as it is mostly designed for internal stimulation.

Features of the Lovelife Cuddle:[checklist]

  • A smooth, contoured design allows for easy access to your G-spot.
  • Provides strong, low frequency vibrations.
  • The shaft is a satisfying 6.5 inches in length.
  • The entire toy is made of body-safe silicone that makes sanitary cleanup a breeze.
  • Take it to the tub or shower without a care, as the entire unit is fully submersible.
  • Easily use this vibrator while it is charging, plugged into the wall.
  • Charges quickly.
  • 2 vibration modes and 3 intensity levels per mode, the variable speeds allow you to get into the mood as quickly or slowly as you’d like.
  • Offers the same 1-year warranty and 10-year guarantee as the Lelo Gigi.[/checklist]


#3 Tiger G5 Vibrator Review


The Tiger G5, by Fun Factory, stands out among other vibrators designed for G-spot for stimulation. One end of the elegantly curved Tiger G5 is significantly larger than the other and molded to fit the natural contours of your most sensitive areas.

The dual vibrating tips allow for stimulating the G-spot while simultaneously arousing other sensitive parts.  The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

The Tiger G5 has soft silicone shaft and features raised pleasure ridges that will give a simultaneous external and internal stimulation.

You can charge your rechargeable G-spot vibrator anywhere you have access to a USB outlet. Your cell phone plug or your laptop/computer are now instant access to sexual pleasure. With 2 hours of charge time, you have a full hour of use.

I love that this vibe is 100% waterproof so you can take it to the tub or shower. Sometimes things can get a bit slippery when introducing a vibrator to a shower or bath, but the unique “circle” grip at the end of this Lionear vibe makes it easy to hold onto.

You can wrap your thumb through it, or your fingers around it, and your hand won’t slide off. The silicone is medical-grade and non-porous which makes it very safe and much more sanitary than some other surfaces. There are 10 speeds that you can enjoy, from slow and low to a wild ride.

Features of the Tiger G5 G-spot vibrator:[checklist]

  • The shaft of this G-spot vibrator has a “ridged, wavy” texture to it so that it gives a unique feel to it.
  • The curve at the end is also met with a widening of the shaft so it is much easier to reach your G-spot.
  • The combination of the bright colored silicone and the chrome handle make for a classy and elegant look
  • The insertable length of 6” is perfect for reaching the G-spot and the medium girth allows you to use side-to-side motions as well as back and forth.
  • 6 Intensity levels and patterns.
  • Gently curved design allows you to reach that spot easily.
  • Elegant, sleek design comes in three pleasing colors
  • Waterproof design means more fun in more places.
  • Rechargeable means portable.
  • No cord = no limits!
  • Silicon material makes clean up easily.[/checklist]


#4 Callie Wand G-Spot Vibrator Review


More economical than the Tiger G5 Wand, the Calle Wand is also a rechargeable vibrator designed for stimulation of that perfect sweet spot. The Calle Wand looks sleet and classy with a slight curve and a wider tip for G-spot for stimulation

The Calle Wand is a great pick for those who have little experience with G-spot stimulators, as the vibrations are less intense and the size is slightly smaller than the Swan Wand.

This isn’t to say this toy is tame, it’s just less intense than the Tiger G4.  The Calle Wad is surprisingly quiet for the amount of power it delivers. It features a variety of speed settings and pattern modes, so you’ll never get bored!

Features of the Calle Wand G-spot vibrator:[checklist]

  • Beautiful white & gold elegant design.
  • Insertable Length: 6” with a 1.5” diameter.
  • Has 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • USB rechargeable (charging cord included).
  • Medical grade silicone & ABS Plastic[/checklist]


Finding Your G-Spot

The elusive G-spot is situated on the front wall of vagina, about two to three inches in. Some doubt the very existence of the G-spot; but from my own experience, and from chatting with my girlfriends, I’ve come to my own opinion as to whether this mysterious location actually does exist.

As far as I’m concerned, it definitively does.  I believe those women who doubt it are simply less sensitive to touch and vibration on that area of their anatomy.

To find your G-spot, insert your index and middle fingers about two to three inches into your vagina, with the pads of your fingers facing your belly.  Curly your fingers, creating the shape of a hook.  Make a gentle raking motion with your fingers, exploring your vaginal walls.

With some patience you will notice the G-spot feels slightly different from the surrounding areas.  More specifically, it feels spongy and smooth.  This area may not be obvious when you aren’t aroused, as it expands and becomes more prominent with sexual arousal.

Dating After Divorce For Men: What Women Want

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re women really so complicated and difficult to please?  The answer is yes!  But don’t worry, I have some insight for you.  It’s true. We can be complicated, but there are essential things we all seek and it isn’t too difficult to deliver on these.


While every woman has her own preferences and desires, there are common qualities we all seek in a potential partner. One of those is security.

Back on the pre-historic Savanna, we humans faced the very real risk of being devoured by wild animals. In those days women and children relied on men’s physical strength for protection.  This setup was critical to ensure the survival of our species. While these types of dramatic threats no longer exist in modern day life, women still feel a visceral need for protection from danger, even if “danger” comes in the form of a flat tire.

Security will be defined differently depending on which woman you meet, as each of us will perceive security in her own unique way. I don’t care how independent a woman feels or comes across to others, we all have the need to feel taken care of.

It’s only our preference of HOW we are cared for that varies.

A few examples of ways to communicate security to a woman include wealth, physical strength, talent, and loyalty.  Loyalty and stability, for instance, were two things a friend of mine sought.

She had a history of tumultuous relationships with “hot” guys who never followed through.  When she decided to get serious about the right partner for her, she looked for and found a man she knew would never cause drama. He was the loyal, even-keeled type.Dating After Divorce For Men: What Women Want

A woman who needs to feel financially secure will likely seek a man with demonstrable financial stability and wealth.   Women who seek out rich men aren’t necessarily gold diggers! They may find the safety net that financial security provides appealing.

For the woman who has a strict rule about only dating guys over 6’, physical size may represent protection. She could be accused of being too picky or superficial, but having a mate who is significantly larger than she is likely makes her feel protected.

Some women I know find the handyman type very attractive. I suspect for women who are drawn to handymen, the ability to fix broken things equals safety.

I’ll share some general thoughts about actions and attitudes that communicate you are someone who will protect and provide security to a woman, regardless of her own personal definition of security.

In fact, I will use a personal experience as an example.

I hadn’t known my boyfriend very long when I had an unfortunate traffic incident. I rear-ended someone, so knew I was at fault.  On the scene, the guy whose van I hit was verbally aggressive and unforgiving. Though I didn’t know my boyfriend very well at that time, I had ascertained he was good at fixing things and clever at negotiating life situations in general.

Going against my usual independent streak, I called to ask his advice as to how I should manage reporting my side to the police. He offered to come to the scene.  Normally, I would have politely thanked him for the offer and have dealt with things on my own but I took him up on the offer.

…..His efforts made a huge impression.

He smoothed things over with the other driver by chatting and showing interest in his predicament while working to the vehicle so that it would function well enough to get the guy home. He also demonstrated caring and loyalty by making the effort to show up.

In our modern times there are gestures a man can make that represent the intent to protect and keep us safe. Some examples include simple things like walking on the curb-side of the sidewalk or opening the car door.

Regardless if you consider yourself more of the traditional type or whether you see yourself as a  more progressive dater, pay for the first date.

Then pay for the 2nd and 3rd.

After three dates, when there is clearly a mutual interest, you may come to another arrangement.

what-do-women-wantSome women will be perfectly comfortable allowing you to pay for everything while others will feel uncomfortable and insist on contributing.

Again, this is the ambiguity of being caught between the more traditional generation where a man was responsible for the expense of dating and the younger generation who is definitely more egalitarian in their dating practices.

When in doubt, remember chivalry is not dead.  I don’t know any woman who would refuse a second or third date because you insisted on paying.

It’s worth remembering that small gestures such as opening doors are taken note of and will earn you points.


Everyone needs acknowledgement. That’s just a basic human need.

When we are talking about women and our need for attention and acknowledgment, there are a few pointers I can share.

  1. Say it.  Every woman wants to feel beautiful and desireable. Sincere compliments on her appearance will always be appreciated.  The key here is sincere.  We women are perceptive aren’t moved by empty flattery.

Compliments should be truly unique to her. Rather than saying she looks beautiful (though that works too!), commenting on something uniquely “her” will really make an impression.  It’s worth mentioning that, while we appreciate acknowledgement of our physical assets, we also want to be recognized for less superficial qualities like intelligence, sense of humor, etc.

  1.  Listen. How do you let a woman know you have heard what she says?  You remember details and ask about them later.  When you ask how her co-worker who was recently laid off is doing, you show real interest in who she is and in the things that she values.
  1.  Action.  Follow through.  This may sound so simple as to be not worth mentioning, but being consistent plays into the security thing.  Knowing you will do as you say reaffirms you are a safe and loyal partner.
  1.  Be generous. By generous, I don’t necessarily mean monetarily. Be generous with your time and energy.  Pay attention to details about what she likes and when a special occasion comes along, incorporate her interest in an activity or a gift. Believe me; your efforts will be noticed.

On the surface we women may come across as confusing creatures, but we really just want the same thing all people want – to be appreciated and to feel safe.  Sometimes your simple efforts can make all the difference!

If you haven’t read part one, check it out here: “Getting Back in the Game” and Part two, Online Dating.

Dating After Divorce For Men: Online Dating

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]t one time considered a desperate way to meet someone, meeting someone today online is the norm.  It was not long ago that few were willing to admit they sought love online. In fact, I have seen several profiles that included “Willing to lie about how we met.”

Incidentally, that cutesy statement has been overused. That means retire it.  We will talk more about do’s and don’ts in writing personal dating profiles later in the article.

There are many online dating sites to choose from – those who bring together people who are passionate about social causes, those designed for men and women of one religion or another, those that are free, and those that charge a monthly membership fee.

Logic would suggest that someone paying for a service would be more serious in their search for that special person; however, I found that to be an incorrect assumption. I found that most of the members on the paid site also had accounts on their free counterparts.

online-dating for divorced menThe most expensive well-known site, eHarmony, that matches its members on supposed similar values was no more effective for me than a free one like Plenty of Fish or OKCupid.

I’ve spoken to many online daters and have pretty much heard the same from them.

Other challenges we second-time-around daters have to juggle includes baggage from past relationships.  This doesn’t just include unresolved hurts and fears.  I’m talking a lot of us (men and women) have active “baggage” like kids, bitter exes, debt, etc.

These challenges are things we would have never considered in our earlier dating years, but they are very influences as singles who have to juggle multiple responsibilities.

At our age the dating pool is smaller. Hopefully, based on our past experiences and the wisdom we have gained, we have realistic ideas about what kind of partner would complement us.

Tips On Creating Your Online Profile

I’ll recommend a strategy for you guys who have written or plan on writing an online dating profile.  If a woman finds your photos attractive enough to click on them and learn more about you, make sure your narrative is compelling enough to keep her attention.  This isn’t to say you have to wow her with words.  Simply put, be authentic and be yourself.

bad-online-profileObviously you want to stand out from the masses, but you don’t want to come across as arrogant.  So how exactly, do you do this?

When writing your narrative, propose a question or two that will pique a woman’s curiosity. This type of  lead will make it easier for a woman to include in a message to you. You want it to be something of genuine interest to you.

You aren’t trying to beat out the competition, so to speak. You are trying to get a sense of the person who is writing to you; and you want to know early on if she is someone you would like to get to know better.

Whether meeting a woman online or in person, be yourself.  Pretending to be someone you aren’t will cheat both of you.  You deserve to be appreciated for what you have to offer.  If a relationship begins to form the truth will eventually come out and you’ll be left with two very disappointed people.

The following are are common mistakes men make. They are nothing less than cringe-worthy.  I hesitate to outline them because if you have considered doing any of the following, then I am doing my fellow females a disservice by giving the heads up.

  1. Bare Chests.  If you are online with the goal of getting laid by a bimbo, by all means, use this strategy; but just know that serious, self-respecting women roll their eyes at you.  Women are visual creatures too.  If you want to show off your physical assets, post a shot of yourself playing volleyball at the beach.
  1. Bathroom Mirrors.  First, re-read #1. Second, this isn’t reserved for bare chest shots.  Any photo taken in a mirror is unacceptable.
  2. Bacardi Promotional Girl.   Remember the Seinfeld episode where George tears a picture of a model out of a magazine? He carries it around in his wallet, claiming she’s his deceased fiancee in order to enter an exclusive party? Well, that strategy doesn’t work in real life.  Pictures of you with hot girls, especially those who are getting paid to do it, just make guys seem insecure.  You might as well be holding a sign saying so.
  3. Driver Seat Selfies.  WTF is this?  Selfies taken at stop lights just make you look like a dork restrained by a seatbelt.
  4. Boats and Sports Cars.  If you would like to communicate financial stability, don’t take a picture next to a boat on a trailer.  For all we know you snuck into a private marina and used the thing as a prop.  Take a picture of yourself fishing on a boat.  We are good at reading between the lines.  It’s true. Women are attracted to power. It’s an evolutionary thing.  But if a woman wants to date someone solely because of the toys he owns, you can do better.

desperate-online-profileTruth be told, for some women, the Prince Charming myth dies hard and some of us do hold onto unrealistic expectations.  Hopefully, though, most of my 40 something cohorts have matured enough to move beyond that silliness.

Having said this, any woman would be lying if she said money doesn’t matter.  Of course, the idea of meeting someone “rich” is appealing.  The idea alone conjures up images of the good life – travel, comfort, and security.  I believe the idea is born from the needs women have that I mentioned above.

Photos are important. I’m not going to lie. In fact, studies have shown photos overwhelmingly influence one’s choice of deciding whether to give someone a chance.  This is true of both genders.  If your photos are good and interests and values align there is a high possibility a woman will respond to your message.

Your Best Self

On more than one occasion I’ve heard guys say something along the lines of  “We can’t read your minds.”  Fair enough, but a simple and honest self-assessment is called for when you prepare to jump into the dating pool.  When I mentioned to my boyfriend (whom I met online, by the way), that women often say men are stupid, he wholeheartedly agreed “we are”.

Given my boyfriend’s admission, I respectfully offer some basic advice.  Perhaps you’ve been in a long-term relationship that was unfulfilling and you stopped caring about your appearance, or you simply were not motivated to focus on your health.  Take this time to get back on track, not only because you are starting to date again.  Do it for yourself.

You will feel healthier, have more energy, and feel more confident and attractive.  There are so many activities that serve as exercise and recreation you have no excuse to avoid being more active.  Not only will activity benefit your health.  You will offer something interesting to a potential partner – fun and novelty.

Good health is attractive to women.  The unfortunate fact that, as a whole, men have shorter life expectancies than women do.  A man’s health is a real consideration for us.  We aren’t looking to be saddled with the responsibility of nursing someone, especially those of us who have kids.  At our age, kids have likely left the nest or are well on their way to doing so.

After years of caregiving, we look forward to time we can have fun and enjoy our independence.  We definitely don’t want to sign up for caring for a sick partner.  We still have a life ahead of us to live and enjoy.  It’s very likely many of you feel the same.

Let me kill a huge myth that I have heard guys repeat over and over again.  Nice guys do not finish last. Well, let me rephrase that.  They may finish last but they don’t lose the prize.

We women all have our preferences, must-haves and deal breakers; but I will insist there are some basic things all women want and if you show you can provide these, the better chance you have at being successful.

If you haven’t read part one, “Getting Back in the Game”, click here to read it and part two: What Women Want.

Dating After Divorce For Men: Getting Back In The Game

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Part One of my “Back on the Scene: Dating the Second Time Around” I will cover everything the recently divorced man needs to know when getting back in “The Game”.

You haven’t dated for a while. Perhaps you’ve recently left a marriage or long-term relationship.  You might ask yourself, is it the right time to face a whole new world ?  Certainly things have changed, at least that’s what we second-time around daters hear from friends in our situation. After a good while off the market, the dating game can easily intimidate even the most confident.

To start off, this guide is geared toward the 30 to 50-something guy who is ready to jump in or at least willing to test the waters after being outside of the dating world for some time.  It also assumes the reader is dating with the intention of ultimately starting a new relationship.

Generational Differences

Our generation is sandwiched between two that have completely different rules. Blurred roles and unclear rules add a level of ambiguity the generation before and the one after us have never had to manage. In our age-group, acceptable behavior and etiquette differ depending on whom you ask. If you rely on others’ advice, you may walk away more confused than ever.

Our parents’ and grandparents’ generations knew exactly what to expect, what appropriate dating behavior looked like. Typically, young people dated with the intention of finding a husband or wife.  Nowadays, we meet up with the opposite sex (or of the same, which is yet another change that has become more socially acceptable in our time).  In the “good old days” the guy asked the girl out, met her parents, and paid for the date.

For those of the younger generation, if I can trust my teenager’s report, no one frets about who takes which position in the dating dance.  Apparently, for the Millennials, it’s perfectly appropriate for a girl to ask out a guy.

Role Changes

In the last few years I have observed these role changes by seeing my daughter attend homecoming and the prom with a group of her friends instead of with a date.  None of the girls had dates. To make sure my child wasn’t suffering from social ineptness, I verified with other mothers this is now a common practice among high-schoolers.

I see our generation as one that, at times, must muddle through some muddy water to find a real catch.  Some questions that come to mind may be: Will you score points by opening a door and pulling out a chair?  (Hint: yes).  Who pays for dates?  Who initiates the asking-out? Should you try to kiss her on the first date?

Admittedly its an unfair double standard, but I can assure you the grand majority of women expect to be treated with at least a minimal level of chivalry while at the same time enjoying an egalitarian relationship. But if you consider reality, both genders have to deal with double standards in one form of the other.


For those those of us dating the second time around, there are some common challenges we have to face- competing responsibilities and stressors. Some of these include exes, kids, and financial responsibilities.

More than once I’ve heard a guy respond to a question with, “That’s a long story.”  Well, from my point of view we all have one or more “long stories”.  Unresolved issues, baggage, or however you refer to it – we all carry some to varying degrees. It’s not whether we have it, but how we deal with it; and how we deal with it can make or break the possibility of starting a great relationship.

Generally, men tend to begin dating fairly quickly after a significant relationship ends; whereas women take their time, reflecting on the loss and recovering. For this reason, when men enter the dating scene they may be juggling unresolved stressors from the recently ended relationship. This doesn’t preclude the ability to find the right person, but the stressors need to be handled well.

First Impressions

You know what they say about first impressions. You can only make one.

While women aren’t as visual as men, we certainly care about your appearance, just as you care about ours.  Your self-care and the time you take to keep yourself groomed and clean does not go unnoticed.  It communicates a certain level of self-respect. At the same time, we are realistic in that most of us don’t expect to meet Brad Pitt’s doppelganger.

Physical Appearance and Health

Two key points that work in your favor are that women our age are more realistic than our younger counterparts.  Just like you, we are no longer at our peaks in terms of physical shape, so we will accept some leeway in terms of physical appearance.  We accept our aging and understand the same in a potential partner.

This is not to say, however, that we don’t appreciate a man who cares about his healthy and appearance.  In fact, you may not be where you’d like in term of physical shape but the interest in self-care and health is a big plus.

It does come down to simple attraction, but also says something about a potential partner’s level of self-respect. Sharing that you have joined a gym, are looking for an activity you enjoy to get into shape, or that you have health-related goals you plan to reach can be enough for us to take notice.

While you may not be where you want in terms of physical health and appearance, you can actively work on this while out there dating.  It can prove to be a great point of conversation to communicate that your health is important, thus you are actively engaged in some type of exercise program; AND maybe doing something active together could be an opportunity for a fun date.

Maybe you have no interest in or intention of getting into shape.  I hope you would reconsider, not just for making a great impression but for your own well-being; however if you are stubbornly against this idea, all is not necessarily lost.  You aren’t necessarily doomed to be single.  Some women like the teddy bear type.


You probably are due for a wardrobe update.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money to replace every piece of clothing you own, but make the investment in a few articles of clothing that flatter your physique and overall physical appearance.  Showing up for dates in your favorite t-shirt with worn, fraying collars is unacceptable. If you aren’t adept at fashion, run your new clothing options by a sister, friend, or co-worker.  Have them look for ideas online to give you an idea what would appeal to women.


Make sure you are clean-shaven or have tidied up a goatee or beard.  A fresh haircut and a little cologne can go a long way.  Do you realize the fragrance industry brings in $$$ per year and we women are the ones buying it for you?! In actuality we aren’t buying it for you; we’re actually buying it for us.

Cologne is a natural aphrodisiac.  So wear it, but sparingly.  Bathing in the stuff will have the opposite effect.

Perhaps you gentlemen are unaware, but when we women meet someone we like and it’s clear things will be progressing, we following the unofficial girl rule of improving our panty supply with sexier versions of the usual.  It’s only fair you consider the same!

Take an inventory of your clothing, including things like shoes and belts.  Are they worn? Check out your hair cut and facial hair.  Take a whiff of your armpits.

If you feel clueless, find solace in the fact, you aren’t alone. In the next part of my guide well talk about online dating, click here to read it and What Women Want.

The 5 Best Rabbit Vibrators Reviewed [Guide For 2019]

Rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular available and for good reason. Not only can you tell by the number of reviews of the various models but you can tell by how many are available. A search on Amazon will show you exactly what I mean.

Women love vibrators that can do what no partner can in bed, that’s the allure of using them. A rabbit vibrator can not only stimulate internally, such as G-spot stimulation with the ones that offer a curved design.

The “rabbit” part of the signature design is the extra little bit that shoots off of the vibrator specifically to stimulate the clitoris while using the device.

So first I want to give you my top picks for rabbit vibrators and then below I give you some tips on how to choose one plus my full reviews.

  1. SVAKOM Alice 100% Waterproof Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit Vibrator
  2. IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Vibrator
  3. Women Passion Vibrating Massage Rabbit
  4. Loveryoyo G-Spot Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator
  5. Sexygame G-Spot Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

Best Rabbit Vibrators

 SVAKOM Alice 100% Waterproof Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit Vibrator
IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Vibrator Women Passion Vibrating Massage Rabbit
Features:Whisper quiet and 100% waterproof.
Quiet and 100% waterproof. The bottom lights up indicating mode you are inThrusting and rotating pearls on head
Power:Rechargeable battery that lasts 2 hours
Rechargeable battery that lasts 1.5 hours4 AAA batteries
Modes:7 vibration modes and 5 speeds 7 vibration modes and 5 adjustable speedsRotary control to adjust vibration


Take one look at a rabbit vibrator and you will see how it got its name: it looks like lopsided rabbit ears!

However, with so many on the market, how do you choose one that you know you’re going to like? It’s not like you’ll want to return something so personal if you don’t like it.

If it’s broken that’s one thing, but for personal reasons, that’s quite another and it can make people uncomfortable.

So making sure you will like the shape of the design, the features such as speeds/waterproof/etc., and even color are very important before you make a purchase.

I have had several rabbit vibes and there were a couple I didn’t like for various reasons; however, I saw the potential in what it had to offer so I kept trying until I found one that worked well for me – it took a lot of research and I found out that there were many that women loved and swore by.

The one I currently have and recommend (Savkom Alice) along with others that have very good ratings and features are listed below so that you can decide for yourself which would be best for you.

Rabbit Vibrator Reviews

#1 SVAKOM Alice 100% Waterproof Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit Vibrator Review

svakom-alice-rechargeable-g-spot-rabbit-vibratorOkay, lets start off with my favorite rabbit vibrator that I have found I love the best after going through a few mediocre ones (none of those I put on this list, I promise!) and I feel you’ll love this if you want to spend a few extra dollars on it.

The features are worth it and its lasted a long time through many uses both solo and with a partner. The value, even with the added cost was worth it to me and I’m pretty sure that if you can spare that extra cost it will be worth it to you, too.svakom-rabbit-vibrator

First up, let’s talk design. The SVAKOM Alice looks like it was designed by high end designers and it works as if they really took feedback from many other rabbit vibe users into consideration when coming up with the sleek, smooth design of both the curved G-spot stimulator and the clitoral stimulator.

Pull this out of your drawer and you will feel like you are giving yourself the royal treatment, I promise.

There are 5 speeds, all of which are very effective at getting the job done no matter what you’re in the mood for, as well as 7 different vibration modes so you can switch things up each time and keep your love life interesting, even without a partner in bed with you every night.

No matter what speed it is on, I have found that it is very, very quiet. In fact, it is so quiet that you can barely hear it even when you’re in the same room (and I’ve actually forgotten it turned on once because I couldn’t hear it) but that doesn’t mean that the vibrations aren’t strong. The frequency is just low and intense.

svakom-alice-rechargeable-g-spot-rabbit-vibrator-reviewThe body safe silicone coating has no smell and is 100% environmentally friendly as well as waterproof. Waterproof enough to completely submerge it in the tub for several minutes or have it in the shower until the hot water runs out!

It charges fairly quickly and I have never had it run out of juice in the middle of using it even after three uses where I forgot to charge it after using.

It is available in many colors, including: pink, purple, black, and beige.

The best reason that I recommend this product, however, is that SVAKOM stands by their high quality materials and craftsmanship… so much so that they offer a 10-day money back guarantee, as well as a 1 year warrantee if there are any issues with the product.

If there are any issues with the device (even after your warranty is up, you can call the 24-hour service center that will help you with either walking you through simple fixes you can try yourself or they will work on getting the device fixed/replaced for you.

[highlight]Now that is a company that knows how to put out a good quality product.[/highlight]


#2 IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Vibrator Review


Not only are there 5 fully adjustable speeds available on the IMO Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager, but there are 7 different vibration modes which allow for a little bit different experience than just a constantly humming motor.

There is a motor in each ear of this rabbit massager and the dual-motor design makes sure that those powerful vibrations get exactly where you want them to be. Because the motors operate at a low frequency, but are still powerful, this rabbit vibe is very quiet.imo-g-spot-vibrator-review

The light at the handle of the vibrator changes color depending on the vibration mode you are using. This makes it easy to know that you have it set exactly as you want it before use. The light also makes it easy for finding in the dark or under the covers.

The silicone coating is safe for your body and very comfortable. Just remember, if you are using lubricant get a silicone safe one. Read the labels!

Completely waterproof, you can even take the IMO Vibrating Rabbit into the bath or shower with you, and because it charges quickly and lasts a long time, there’s no need to cut that bath or shower, or any fun time whether you’re alone or with a partner short.


#3 Women Passion Vibrating Massage Rabbit Review


Some rabbit vibes have a curved design that stimulates the G-spot and others don’t. This one doesn’t have that curved design, however, offers something a bit unique and you may find this something that you want to try.

With both a thrusting action as well as head with rotating beads/pearls, you can still feel intense internal stimulation with vibration along with the clitoral stimulation of the rabbit design.

This Vibrating Massage Thrusting Rabbit has strong vibrations that you will find highly stimulating. You can adjust the speed of the vibrations and there are vibration modes that allow you to feel more than just a constant, simple vibration. This will keep you always on your toes.

The silica gel coating is easy to clean; however, the rotating pearls and nobs may take some extra time to get completely clean and it is important to do so.

[highlight]Enjoy this fun toy either solo or with your partner for a fun time.[/highlight]


#4 Loveryoyo G-Spot Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator Review


The Loveryoyo Rabbit Vibrator effortlessly stimulates the G-spot and has a great elasticity that allows for movement with your body.

This is a great feature that some G-spot stimulating vibes don’t have as they are made of a harder core that stays put. If you are moving around more or using this with a partner that can’t be as responsive to your body (they can’t feel what you feel), this may be a perfect vibe for you as it will still give you the G-spot and clitoral stimulation plus vibrations you want and need, but it won’t hurt if you get too into what you’re doing!

There are dual motors in this design, just as with the other rabbit vibe designs we’ve covered so far, and those motors are capable of 10 vibration speeds/modes that can get you going with either a slow start with a big finish or just get to those higher speeds right from the start. Whatever you’re in the mood for!

A 100% pure silicone coating is perfectly safe for your body, non-toxic, and completely odorless so you won’t be distracted by what you’re trying to accomplish. That coating makes this vibrating rabbit toy waterproof, even capable of handling the hot, steaminess of the bath or shower, and this makes it very easy to clean.


#5 Sexygame G-Spot Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Review

The dual-motor of this 12-speed design will offer you up whatever you are in the mood for, be it a slow build or straight to the point.

Sexygame Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit

Unlike some rabbit vibes that are run by just one motor in the handle and the vibrations travel to both “ears,” each part of this vibe has a motor in it making the vibrations get right to where they need to go (and also making sure your hand doesn’t go numb with the motor being right in your hand).

The curved design allows for G-spot stimulation, which is something every woman should experience, and sometimes the best way to get it is with a perfectly curved sex toy meant just for the job.

The entire toy is waterproof so it is very easy to clean. This important feature for obvious reasons and the surface is covered in a medical-grade silicone.

When using a silicone toy make sure you are using the proper lubrication as they are not all made from and for the same materials!

This rabbit toy even has its own little “bunny” designed right into the clitoral stimulation ear. This is cute for looks, and the design can add something to using it since you can use it for more than just vibrations.

Plus, in the box you will get a drawstring pouch to keep your rabbit toy clean and somewhat discreet when it is in your nightstand or dresser drawer.


Hitachi Magic Wand Review – [2019]

There’s a reason the Hitachi Magic Wand is known as the “Cadillac of Massagers” and you will quickly figure that out for yourself if you get one. (It’s not meant for everyone and I will cover that, but this massager has been around for decades and it is one of the best available.)

I personally got the Hitachi Magic Wand as a gift from someone special a few years ago and I can honestly say that it is my most used “friend” in the bedroom. However, I can’t just rush into grabbing this right out of the drawer first thing. It takes some warmup before I can pull out the big guy, because this thing is a beast.

While it is big in size, it is not meant to fit inside you – let me clarify that right away – so don’t get scared off by anything like that. The only thing that anyone should be scared by is the high intensity of the vibrations, which can be a little too intense for some people who get this to use specifically as a sex toy and don’t see the potential for it as so much more.

Yes, it is in my nightstand drawer for a reason; however, it probably spends half of its time plugged into the wall actually massaging my shoulders or my back and not anything kinky. The intense vibrations make it a perfect way to relax after spending a long day at the computer, especially with my poor posture!

So, what else is so great about the Hitachi Magic Wand massager?

Get Ready for a Great Time, Even If You Aren’t Alone

Don’t think that a vibrator is just for enjoying while you’re alone. Yes, it helps when you’re alone and need some “attention,” but this massager can help intensify the time you spend with someone special as well and you can turn a fun time into a really intense time with the addition of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

It doesn’t even have to be anything kinky – spend some time using it as a true massager to relax each other and then be really romantic. Or, on the opposite end of that spectrum, you could have your lover tease you and you could experiment with a bit of BDSM with this massager.

With the intense vibrations, the orgasms you can be forced to have can be incredible – but you’ll just have to take my word on that one.

Never Had Multiples? Get Ready!

I had never been able to have multiple orgasms. However, with the addition of this massager into my love life, that all changed. The intensity of the vibrations were definitely enough to push me over the edge multiple times even without a partner present and that was definitely a shock to me the first time!

If you have had multiple orgasms, you will be shocked at how much easier they are to achieve, even if you do decide to manipulate it into a slow build.

High Quality and a Name You Can Trust

This massager has been around for decades and quickly built a reputation as something that could work well even for people that needed a bit more or who WANTED a bit more.

It’s status as “Cadillac of Vibrators” has been set in stone for a long time and no one will forget that title soon, especially as the Hitachi Magic Wand just had a new version roll out that allows even more freedom. The last version had a 6 foot cord that needed to be plugged into the wall.

The new version is rechargeable so you have more room to move around the room without being tied down (no pun intended if you were still stuck on the BDSM thing).

Because these vibrators are sought after by so many, there are also some very cheap knock-offs available and sometimes you can even get tricked into paying full price for them.

Make sure that you are buying a true HITACHI Magic Wand massager. Read reviews if anything looks fishy in the title or description. There may be many listings, but you want to buy the real thing to get the warranty issued by Hitachi and to get the high quality product that they offer. It’s worth it, I promise!

Hitachi Rechargeable Magic Wand

Okay, Now for the Downsides…

I told you this vibrator wasn’t for everyone and I want to make this a fair review so here are the issues I have with it. It is a little loud. Yes, I did think it would be a lot louder than it actually was considering it has to be plugged into a wall, as well as from the reviews I read that made it sound like I wouldn’t even be able to hear myself. (Not like I’m loud or anything.)

But it still was louder than any other massager/vibrator I’ve owned. I do have to mention that it’s a different sound though. It’s not that cheap, loud, rattling sound that some simpler vibrators give off (especially those “egg” vibrators that have a somewhat similar concept). It actually has a deep whirring sound that is almost as relaxing as the massager is when it’s working it’s magic on my shoulders and back.

This massager WILL be too intense for some people. If you know that you are someone who is very sensitive “down there” then don’t get it thinking that you will be able to use it “down there.” If you want to try, that’s fine, but you may just have to settle for the body massager qualities if it doesn’t work out.

Hitachi Corded Magic Wand

However, when I first got it, I tried it on the outside of my jeans and that worked to help me get used to the intensity before I tried anything closer to home, if you know what I mean. Also, if you find it too intense at first, try building up to it with less intense vibrators at first or even just foreplay with your partner before bringing out the big guns.

If you orgasm really quickly, you may find yourself disappointed because this is not going to help that situation any. In fact, it may hurt, especially if you’re a one-and-done woman.

After I use it for about thirty minutes (no I do not use it as a vibrator that long, there’s no need to – I mean as a body massager) it needs to cool down for about that amount of time or more before you can use it again.

This is just because of the intensity of the vibrations and how hard the motor works, but if you wanted to use it on yourself and then your partner as a body massager you’re going to have to share that 30 minute window.

Bottom Line

Those are the only real issues I have with it, and I feel like the benefits of it, how much use I get out of it, and how long it has lasted me compared to all those other cheapy vibrators have made this purchase worth every dime that was spent on it. Hitachi has perfected this product and they stand by it.