Hitachi Magic Wand [2024 Reviews]

There’s a reason the Hitachi Magic Wand is known as the “Cadillac of Massagers” and you will quickly figure that out for yourself if you get one. (It’s not meant for everyone and I will cover that, but this massager has been around for decades and it is one of the best available.)

I personally got the Hitachi Magic Wand as a gift from someone special a few years ago and I can honestly say that it is my most used “friend” in the bedroom. However, I can’t just rush into grabbing this right out of the drawer first thing. It takes some warmup before I can pull out the big guy, because this thing is a beast.

While it is big in size, it is not meant to fit inside you – let me clarify that right away – so don’t get scared off by anything like that.

The only thing that anyone should be scared by is the high intensity of the vibrations, which can be a little too intense for some people who get this to use specifically as a sex toy and don’t see the potential for it as so much more.

Yes, it is in my nightstand drawer for a reason; however, it probably spends half of its time plugged into the wall actually massaging my shoulders or my back and not anything kinky.

The intense vibrations make it a perfect way to relax after spending a long day at the computer, especially with my poor posture!

So, what else is so great about the massager?

Get Ready for a Great Time, Even If You Aren’t Alone

Don’t think that a vibrator is just for enjoying while you’re alone. Yes, it helps when you’re alone and need some “attention,” but this massager can help intensify the time you spend with someone special as well and you can turn a fun time into a really intense time with the addition of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

It doesn’t even have to be anything kinky – spend some time using it as a true massager to relax each other and then be really romantic. Or, on the opposite end of that spectrum, you could have your lover tease you and you could experiment with a bit of BDSM with this massager.

With the intense vibrations, the orgasms you can be forced to have can be incredible – but you’ll just have to take my word on that one.

Never Had Multiples? Get Ready!

I had never been able to have multiple orgasms. However, with the addition of this massager into my love life, that all changed. The intensity of the vibrations were definitely enough to push me over the edge multiple times even without a partner present and that was definitely a shock to me the first time!

If you have had multiple orgasms, you will be shocked at how much easier they are to achieve, even if you do decide to manipulate it into a slow build.

High Quality and a Name You Can Trust

This massager has been around for decades and quickly built a reputation as something that could work well even for people that needed a bit more or who WANTED a bit more.

It’s status as “Cadillac of Vibrators” has been set in stone for a long time and no one will forget that title soon, especially as the Hitachi Magic Wand just had a new version roll out that allows even more freedom. The last version had a 6 foot cord that needed to be plugged into the wall.

The new version is rechargeable so you have more room to move around the room without being tied down (no pun intended if you were still stuck on the BDSM thing).

Because these vibrators are sought after by so many, there are also some very cheap knock-offs available and sometimes you can even get tricked into paying full price for them.

Make sure that you are buying a true HITACHI Magic Wand massager. Read reviews if anything looks fishy in the title or description. There may be many listings, but you want to buy the real thing to get the warranty issued by Hitachi and to get the high quality product that they offer. It’s worth it, I promise!

Okay, Now for the Downsides…

I told you this vibrator wasn’t for everyone and I want to make this a fair review so here are the issues I have with it. It is a little loud. Yes, I did think it would be a lot louder than it actually was considering it has to be plugged into a wall, as well as from the reviews I read that made it sound like I wouldn’t even be able to hear myself. (Not like I’m loud or anything.)

But it still was louder than any other massager/vibrator I’ve owned. I do have to mention that it’s a different sound though. It’s not that cheap, loud, rattling sound that some simpler vibrators give off (especially those “egg” vibrators that have a somewhat similar concept).

It actually has a deep whirring sound that is almost as relaxing as the massager is when it’s working it’s magic on my shoulders and back.

This massager WILL be too intense for some people. If you know that you are someone who is very sensitive “down there” then don’t get it thinking that you will be able to use it “down there.” If you want to try, that’s fine, but you may just have to settle for the body massager qualities if it doesn’t work out.

Hitachi Corded Magic Wand


However, when I first got it, I tried it on the outside of my jeans and that worked to help me get used to the intensity before I tried anything closer to home, if you know what I mean.

Also, if you find it too intense at first, try building up to it with less intense vibrators at first or even just foreplay with your partner before bringing out the big guns.

If you orgasm really quickly, you may find yourself disappointed because this is not going to help that situation any. In fact, it may hurt, especially if you’re a one-and-done woman.

After I use it for about thirty minutes (no I do not use it as a vibrator that long, there’s no need to – I mean as a body massager) it needs to cool down for about that amount of time or more before you can use it again.

This is just because of the intensity of the vibrations and how hard the motor works, but if you wanted to use it on yourself and then your partner as a body massager you’re going to have to share that 30 minute window.

Bottom Line

Those are the only real issues I have with it, and I feel like the benefits of it, how much use I get out of it, and how long it has lasted me compared to all those other cheapy vibrators have made this purchase worth every dime that was spent on it. Hitachi has perfected this product and they stand by it.

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