The 5 Best G-Spot Vibrators Reviewed – [2019]

The G-spot is “said” to exist on the front wall of vagina, about two to three inches in. The reason why people say it’s “said” to exist there is because some people don’t believe it does. However, from my own experience, and from my talks with girlfriends, I’ve come up with my own opinion on this. It does exist for ...

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The 3 Best G-spot Vibrators Reviewed For 2019

There are three main features you should consider deciding on the best G-spot vibrator for you. One, it should have a decent curvature in order to reach the proper spot without a lot of wrist gymnastics. A well-designed G-spot vibrator should not require much effort on your part to make it hit that spot as long as you have done ...

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Hitachi Magic Wand Review – [2019]


There’s a reason the Hitachi Magic Wand is known as the “Cadillac of Massagers” and you will quickly figure that out for yourself if you get one. (It’s not meant for everyone and I will cover that, but this massager has been around for decades and it is one of the best available.) I personally got the Hitachi Magic Wand ...

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